Packing for camp

Nat is about to go away for a few days to spend with his grandparents, then he will be going to camp. He will be home for a day in between these trips, so before he leaves, he needs to pack for camp as well as the trip with his grandparents.

Camp has sent us a list of equipment he needs to take – clothes, toiletries, hat, sunscreen, etc. However, Nat is working on his own list of equipment – which cubes to take!

Given his rather large collection, it’s a challenging task. He will have limited space in his bag, and limited time to cube, so he needs to choose carefully.

Usually these conversations revolve around:

  • One or two 3×3 cubes – one for him, and one if someone else wants to try
  • Whatever cube he is currently focusing on – he regularly sets himself challenges on a particular cube to learn algorithms to get faster
  • A big cube or two – as these look impressive to non-cubers
  • A shape cube – usually the megaminx, he finds it easy to solve, but to non-cubers it looks really hard to solve
  • His blindfold – as blind solving is always a great party trick, and may even be something he can do at the talent night

The combination is still being decided, but he still has a few days before the bus leaves for camp…

A small selection of cubes to choose from…

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