Happy New Year! 2017

Happy New Year everyone, and welcome to 2017.

I’m pretty glad that 2016 is over, it was a tough year, but there were quite a few high points on the cubing front, including:

  • Going to Sydney for the Australian Nationals Competition
  • Meeting Mats Valk at the POPS competition in December
  • Nat going up in rank
  • Zac doing his first competitions
  • Publishing my first book about a cuber

Last night, I did my usual thing of going to bed early with a movie, hoping to fall asleep well before midnight. I was exhausted!

Around 11.45, I was dozing, nearly asleep, when I felt a presence at my bedside. It startled me awake. There was Nat with his laptop. He had just got a 5.98 second solve on camera as his last solve of 2016 and wanted me to approve it so he could post it on YouTube!

I woke up enough to watch his video and tell him it was OK to post, then tried to go back to sleep, while hearing the fireworks in the city come through the window.

Here is his last solve of 2016:

From me and my family, we wish you a happy 2017, a year full of PBs and many, many cubes!


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