5 reasons cubes make great Christmas gifts

small blue christmas giftsChristmas is coming way too quickly! For both of my boys, cubes feature heavily on their Christmas lists.

I’ve heard some comments about getting them something else, and haven’t they got enough cubes!

Here are 5 reasons that cubes make great Christmas gifts:

  1. Easy to Wrap – regardless of the cube, they come in a box. Boxes are easy to wrap! You don’t need to worry about putting them in gift bags or fancy boxes, just use the cheap and cheerful wrapping paper to wrap those cubes
  2. Fit any budget – the cheapest cubes can be as low as $5 while the largest and most expensive can be in excess on $300! Given the wide range of cubes on offer, you are sure to find a cube that will suit your budget
  3. Multipurpose – cubes are small enough (and cheap enough) to fill stockings, as well as being part of a larger gift, or even the gift itself! They are incredibly versatile as gifts, and your cuber will love it however it comes to them.
  4. Always need a new cube – just like book lovers, cubers always need a new cube! Given how many different types are out there, you are sure to find one they don’t have. Even if you double up, I don’t know of too many cubers who will complain. Just make sure you know their preferences. Some cubers prefer only the cubes they can use at WCA events, some really like the fun cubes, such as gear cubes.
  5. Peace and quiet – if you give your cuber a new cube, given the opportunity they will go off to set it up and try it out. This could give you hours of peace and quiet… if you ignore the clicking of the cube of course! If you give a cube to a non-cuber, there is also the possibility they will spend a long time trying to work out how to solve it

I’m sure we can all think of other reasons cubes make great gifts, if you have any more ideas, add them in the comments.

Merry Christmas!


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