Cubing for PSOs

Last night, Nat went to the city to have dinner and go to a movie with his dad. We had arranged that I would pick him up from the station when they had finished.

I got a text after the movie letting me know he had got on the wrong train and arranged to meet him at another station not far from our home. As I was waiting, I get another message – he thought he was on the wrong train and had got off at the next station! The next train was 27 minutes away, and the station he was at was only a 10 minute drive, so I went to pick him up.

As I was turning into the station, I saw him sitting there, and there were three PSOs (protective service officers) standing with him. My first thought was Oh, oh! What have we done wrong now? Is he too young to be on a station at 10pm? Should I have picked him up from the city? Did he lose his Myki and got in trouble? Generally all the usual thoughts that panic a Mum late at night.

I turn the corner and pick him up, he has a huge smile on his face.

The PSOs had seen him cubing and had come over to watch! They called their Sargent over to watch and he ended up scrambling the cube and filming the solve!

There was nothing for me to worry about, and the PSOs helped keep Nat company while he was waiting for me to pick him up.


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