Christmas stocking ideas

Christmas stockingsI can’t believe it’s already December! As well as Christmas, my younger son is turning 13, and it’s the end of the school year, so life is busy.

To help make your life a bit easier, I thought I’d share some ideas for Christmas gifts for the cuber in your family, starting with some Christmas stocking ideas.

With any gifts, it’s worth touching base with the cuber in your family to make sure they fit with the right cubes (trust me on this one!).

Christmas stocking ideas for cubers:

  • Replacement Stickers -after much use, the stickers on cubes can get chipped. Replacement stickers are small and cheap, and have the added advantage of providing your cuber with a quiet activity over the school holidays as they replace the stickers on their cubes! Just make sure you get stickers for the correct brand of cube.
  • Lubricant – this is another small and cheap accessory for your cuber. They come in different weights, so check with your cuber what weight they use the most.
  • Cubing book – I had to put this one in there… give your cuber a book! 3… 2… 1… Done! is the first fiction book that features a speedcuber. It’s aimed at a primary school audience and will fit nicely in a stocking. If you want a signed copy, just contact me!
  • Parts – yes, you can get replacement parts for cubes (I didn’t know this until recently!). If your cuber has been wanting some parts, the Christmas stocking could deliver them.
  • Keyring – a cube keyring is a fun gift, plus they can be solved! A fun present for the stocking and it will mean your cuber will have a cube with them wherever they go – so long as they have their keys with them!

Of course, you could get stocking items that have nothing to do with cubing…

Is there anything else I should be adding to this list?


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