Did you know that stickers on cubes can get chipped and worn? I didn’t.


It was a while ago that we were introduced to the world of re-stickering. I can’t remember exactly when it happened, but we noticed the stickers on Nat’s cubes getting chipped and worn from over-use (though he would argue my category of over-use!). He still have cubes that need re-stickering regularly.

At a competition, he bought some stickers from Aus Cube Stickers, and spent time changing the stickers to brand new ones. Each cube has different shaped stickers, so we learned quickly that we needed to get the right stickers for the right cube.

There are also a variety of colours to choose from. There doesn’t seem to be a standard colour scheme, the WCA Regulations state that:

3a3) Polyhedral puzzles must use a colour scheme with one unique colour per face in the solved state. Each puzzle variation must have moves, states, and solutions functionally identical to the original puzzle.

Since starting competitions, we’ve discovered that some cubers choose certain colours so they can easily identify their cube among all the other cubes at the competition!

Nat’s first attempt was quite wonky, but he has been getting better, although it’s not a task he enjoys…

The first time he was removing stickers, he used his fingernails. Now, his tool box has extended to include a couple of scrapers. These remove stickers much cleaner than his fingers, without the need to rub off any remaining adhesive with eucalyptus oil!


He has also pinched a pair of my tweezers so he can put the stickers on straight!

Almost every competition, we come back with a selection of stickers, ready for cubes that need re-stickering. Thankfully, the stickers aren’t all that expensive. As well as getting stickers at competitions, you can buy them online from Speedcube.com.au

It’s also not unusual to find competitors at competitions re-stickering their cubes in between events!



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