Timing solves

I never knew how important it was to know how fast you could solve a cube, and use those times to see if you were getting faster, both with a single solve and with an average.

Clock Reading Five O'Clock

The first timers Nat had were apps on his phone. He simply did a search for cubing timers, found a free app, and asked for us to download it. Since then, he’s tried a few different apps, both on his phone and iPad, and also some websites. The one he talks about most often is csTimer.

Nat likes the timers that have a scramble on them, as well as automatically calculating the average of his solves in any session of cubing. As he likes using different size and types of cubes, he wants to be able to get scrambles and record the times of the different cubes he uses too.

One of his earliest purchases was a Speedstacks Stack Mat timer, a bit like the on you can find here at Speedcube.com.au. He often carries this timer with him when we go out. These timers are like the ones that are used at competitions, so they helped him practice using the timers when he was getting ready for competitions. I only found out recently that these timers had been designed for Speed Stacking, rather than Speedcubing! A fact that my kids already knew about…

When out and about, Nat is still timing his solves. Whether he uses an app or his timer depends on where we are. If we’re in the car, for example, he uses his phone. When he has a table, he’s more likely to set up his Speedstack timer.

A timer of some sort is an essential tool for a speedcuber, not only can they keep track of their own times, when people ask you how fast your child can solve a cube, you’ll be able to tell them!


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