Rules for a YouTube Channel

Many speedcubers have a YouTube channel. In general, they share clips of solving their cubes, reviews, unboxing videos, and so on. My son was no exception in wanting one… so we sat down and made some simple rules.

The idea behind the rules was simple – he could have a YouTube channel, and adhere to the cybersafety rules. After all, he was only 14!

These are the rules we came up with:

  • No identifying items in the clips – such as school logos or his surname
  • No saying where we live – saying Melbourne or Australia is OK, but no more details than that
  • I must approve all videos before they go live to make sure the rules apply
  • The videos must stick to cubing

We didn’t want to have a lot of rules to make the whole thing too difficult to stick to, or be too strict about the content.

He chose the name for his channel – Nat Cubes.

This name was generic enough not to be able to identify him. Initially, he also made videos that didn’t include his face.

There are a couple of times when I watched the video and discovered identifying things, for example, the video below he’s wearing his school shirt. He covered the logo with a white box! This wasn’t breaking the rules, rather he didn’t think about what he was wearing, and this was part of the learning process.

Now it’s almost at the stage where I don’t watch the whole video, just parts of them, as he knows what to do and has proven himself with his videos. There have been a few times when I’ve told him to change things, but it’s been a fun exercise.

As well as learning to stick to the rules, he has also:

  • experimented with different types of videos
  • learned how to tell a story with video
  • experimented with intros and outros
  • learned about copyright and royalty free music
  • learned about different camera angles and backing up his videos
  • learned about promoting his channel to get more subscribers
  • learned about creating content and video series

Overall, having a YouTube channel has been great for Nat as he has learned a lot and been able to share his love of cubing with a wider audience than just those in the house!

You can view his channel here.


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