Scrambling is part of life…

One big part of being a Cubing Mama is scrambling cubes. I have mentioned it before that I am often asked to scramble cubes in waiting rooms and I prefer the bigger cubes for this so I can read whatever I’ve brought with me, or get some writing done, or whatever.

Being asked to scramble cubes can happen just about anywhere. Some days it seems the only places I’m “safe” is when I’m driving or in the shower!

Today, Nat was asked to tidy his room as our cleaner is coming to clean – and this includes vacuuming his bedroom!

He runs out of his room excitedly to show me something. On his bed, I see this:


Looking at it, the only cubes missing are some of the unusual ones – the void cube and gear cubes, as well as the tiny cube he won from Australian Geographic.

He then asks me to scramble all his cubes! Now, I can scramble most of the cubes, except the Square-1… but it takes time and I have other things I need to do today.

When I say No, he then goes to ask his brother. When he also says No, Nat impatiently waits for the cleaner to finish vacuuming, then hides in his room for a while, only to come out to show me this:


He then set to work trying to solve them all in as fast a time as possible. I must say the house has been very quiet except for the sound of cubes clicking!

It took him 45 minutes to solve all his cubes, including one that popped! The popped one is the famous Aoshi cube that pops regularly (see clip below).

While there will be much more scrambling in my life (including a train trip into the city tonight), I guess I know one way to keep him quiet for a while – scramble all his cubes for him to solve!! Wonder if this will work at doctor’s appointments….?


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