Shorts with Pockets!

One problem with teenage boys is that they grow! Recently, we had to find some new shorts for Nat as he’d grown out of all his clothes. Not only had he grown out of his clothes, but he’d moved from kids clothes to men’s clothes!

It took some searching to find the sorts of shorts he likes… but we eventually found some and bought two pairs of shorts last week. He likes ones that are almost t-shirt material. I asked if they need to have pockets, but he said it didn’t matter because he has pockets in his jackets (forget the fact it’s nearly Summer…)


This morning he put one pair of shorts on, and came out exclaiming that their pockets were huge! I suppose that’s one advantage of men’s sizes… they also come with man sized pockets!

He promptly put his biggest cubes in the pockets, and found there was more space, and put more cubes in his pockets!

The only problem with this was he soon had too many cubes, that his shorts started falling down!!!

He is still working out the ideal number of cubes in his pockets… but at least during Summer he will still have pockets to put cubes in when he’s not able to wear a jacket.

Cubing Mama Tip: When buying clothes for your cuber, make sure there are pockets that will hold at least one cube!


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