Speedcube.com.au Open Day

Today is a public holiday here in Melbourne – for the AFL Grand Final parade! My son’s team isn’t in the Grand Final this year, so the parade isn’t all that interesting to him. Even if his team was through to the Grand Final, ever since he was in the parade, he’s not that keen on watching it.

So, what do we do instead? We head over to the Speedcube.com.au Open Day!

I had made a deal with Nat, that I would pay him for the illustrations for my book in cubes, so we placed an order and arranged to get the cubes picked up when we arrived the next day. He’s planning to do some unboxing videos on his YouTube channel if you want to see what he chose.

We had trouble finding a park when we arrived, and there was already a crowd gathered. Part of the draw may have been the presence of Feliks Zemdegs, but for many of those present, they were just happy to be catching up with their mates face to face and having some fun solving their own cubes and trying out some of the cubes on display.

One highlight was when Nat and a couple of his friends were cubing in a race against Feliks!

Speedcube.com.au put on a great event, even catering to the parents who were bringing their kids by providing tea and coffee as well as some nibbles so we could pass the time while our kids cubed. There were people coming in and out the whole time we were there, and Nat is already adding new cubes to his Christmas wish list!

Below are few pics of the day:

Feliks Zemdegs giving some tips so some cubers
Nat and his mates trying out some cubes
Some of the cubes on display

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