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Rules in a cubing house #1

Being the parent of a speedcuber who has a cube in his hands almost all the time, we have had to set some rules. There aren’t many, but I’m going to share some with you.

This is the first one – and it comes under the heading of “Things I never thought I’d say”!


One of the few times no cubes are allowed is at the dinner table. We also have a no phone’s rule, so that no one is distracted by other things at dinner…

At first, I thought that there’s no way he can cube and eat his dinner – then he learned to solve one handed!!

It’s a simple rule. Nat tends to keep the cube in his pocket… although there are times I need to remind him to put his cube away, and there are times we have to put the cube on a shelf to get it out of temptation’s way.


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