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Competition Tips

The boys are preparing for another competition in a couple of weeks, as well as the Australian Nationals competition in Sydney in August. Since discovering that competitions existed, Nat has been to five competitions! Zac has been to one and is about to attend his second.


Here are some tips I’ve learned along the way:

  • Register early – I was surprised how quickly the places filled up! Depending on the competition, there’s around 100 places. So, register your kids early so they don’t miss out.
  • Register with your email – When the competition is getting closer, the organisers will send out emails confirming venues, times, etc. If you register with your email address, rather than your child’s, then you will get this information. If you register with your child’s email, or they register, make sure to ask them to forward you the details so you can get them to the right place at the right time!
  • Take cash – Paying the registration fee isn’t the only thing you will need to pay for. Often there’s a cube shop and a cafe for refreshments. Bring cash to the event so you can buy food and drink as well as cubes as they may not have credit card facilities. It’s also a good way to stick to a budget for the day – once the cash has run out, it’s run out!
  • Take Snacks & a drink bottle – even if there is a cafe at the competition, the food choices may be limited, or your children may be hungrier than your budget allows. Pack some snacks, lunch, and have a drink bottle, so on those occasions when your kids are hungry, you have food and drinks to hand.
  • Take something to do – I’ve found the only times I see my kids at competitions is when they want food or money to buy food/cubes! Take a book, your iPad or laptop, or something else to do while your kids are off competing. You will still be able to get up to watch your child, but this is to do in the times you are waiting.

A cubing competition is a fun event, however you will find there are long periods of waiting around while your child goes off and talks cubing with the other competitors.

If you’ve been to competitions, do you have anything you could add to this list?


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