Australian Geographic Cubing Promotion

The other day, we spotted an interesting promotion on Facebook – go into an Australian Geographic shop and “Beat the Cube”. The boys started bugging me to go the our local shop so they could give it a go.

Yesterday afternoon, we headed down to our local shopping centre to check it out.

Window at our local shop


Nat was excited to give it a go, especially when we walked in and saw the fastest solve for the day was over 50 seconds!

He went up to the man at the counter and asked to have a go. I think he was a bit disappointed that he couldn’t use his own cube… but he gave it a go.

The Rubik’s Cube they gave him was a lot stiffer than the cube he’s used to, and his fingers weren’t quite as smooth as normal. He also decided the scramble wasn’t that great! The man from the shop held a stop watch and he started solving.

Beating the Cube!

Nat got a time of 22.15 seconds! He wasn’t happy with his time, but the man in the shop was very impressed. He wanted to do another solve, but the rules are you can only do one in a day. He went on to smash his times at least a half dozen times before we left the shop.

Today’s fastest time

He has plans to head back today and give it another go, and begging me to go again next week! The promotion is on for another fortnight. At our local store, the fastest so far is just over 20 seconds, he’s pretty sure he can beat that, just needs to get his fingers used to their cubes before he records a time. He commented that when he was back on his regular cubes, he had to get used to them again!

After solving, he was given a badge and had people watching him solving the cube in awe.

Reward for solving the cube

This was a fun activity for a cuber… I can see many more trips to the local shopping centre in my future… he’s determined to beat the cube with his usual times.

If you have a cuber, head down to the Australian Geographic shop and give it a go. Details of the promotion can be found here.


Note: This is not a sponsored post, the boys dragged me down to enter, just another day in the life of a cubing Mama!!


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