Competition wrap up

Last Sunday, the kids had fun at Connors Cube Day. It was a fundraiser for the RCD Foundation. Their dad took them in the morning and I joined them at lunchtime to bring my 12 year old home.

During the morning, I was following the boys progress on CubeComps.com and was excited to see Nat coming first in the 2x2x2 event! He ended up coming first in that round, faster than Feliks Zemdegs! He ended up finishing third in the final, with Feliks coming first.

I was pleased to see my 12 year olds first few solves in the 3x3x3 event. He finished 82nd in the 2x2x2 event and 90th in the 3x3x3 event. He’s so happy that he was able to compete and didn’t care too much about his times.


I had fun catching up with some of the other mums I chatted to at the last competition before taking my 12 year old home. He was so exhausted after a busy morning he fell asleep in the car, and fell asleep on the couch when we got home!!

Nat had an amazing day, coming home in time for dinner. He had one podium finished (for 2x2x2 event), and a number of personal bests. Unfortunately, his camera wasn’t working so he wasn’t able to put any of his solves up on YouTube.

Since he wasn’t able to film any of his solves from this competition, here’s a video from the last competition. In this one, his cube popped, but he kept solving. The time counted for his average!


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