Cubing in hospital

This year, we’ve had the unfortunate issue of many visits to emergency. The staff at the hospital have been AMAZING, and they remember us when we come in (I’m still not sure this is a good thing…).

The reason the staff remember us is not because he’s been unwell with some pretty extreme pain, they remember us because of his cubing!

It’s not unusual for a nurse or doctor to see him cubing and call over other staff members to watch him.

Nat showing off to the medical staff

When we are in the waiting room, Nat sits there and cubes. It’s not unusual to have an audience there too! People offer to scramble cubes, little kids want to try them out, adults remember their time solving them back in the 1980s and tell stories about how they would just take the stickers off (Nat does his best not to roll his eyes too loudly), and generally practicing to get faster.

There was one memorable visit when the pain was in his left hand and he couldn’t move it, so instead of practicing one-handed solves with his non-preferred hand, he practiced solving his cube with his feet! That really impressed the others in the waiting room!

Having a cube has been useful when we have long waits, it’s also helped me gauge how much pain he’s in. If the pain is too bad, he doesn’t cry and carry on, he doesn’t feel like cubing…

On one visit, he created the following video to give tips to other cubers on what to do if they have to wait in a hospital waiting room… If you’re the parent of a speedcuber, they may be worth keeping in the back of your mind if ever you need them.



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