Cubing competitions

This time last year, I was blissfully unaware that cubing competitions existed. My speedcuber discovered competitions around August and went to his first competition in October last year, on my birthday!! Since then, we have attended four competitions, and the fifth is coming up soon.

A whole new World has opened up, one that I didn’t know existed.

Each of the competitions we’ve been to have had over 100 competitors! Ages range from around 6 to around 40 – I haven’t known of any other competition that has such a wide age range.

Another thing I’ve observed is that, while the cubers are incredibly competitive, they are also incredibly supportive of each other. Between events, it’s not unusual to see cubers showing each other moves that can help them improve their times and encouraging each other to get faster and better. They also commiserate with each other if they do a bad time or something happens so they completely stuff up their round.

It’s not just the competitors who are friendly and supportive. As a Cubing Mama, it’s great to sit and chat with other parents who, like me, didn’t know anything about cubing until their kids got into it. We chat about everything while our kids ignore us… unless they want food or cash! I’ve found them surprisingly enjoyable.

If your kids are interested in cubing competitions, I’m planning a series of posts with my survival tips. Watch this space.

To find out when the next Australian cubing competitions are, visit Speedcubing Australia.


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