Welcome to Cubing Mama

Welcome to my new blog. Let me introduce myself.

My name is Melissa. I’m an author, have a day job as business manager for the family business, and a single mum to a speedcuber or two.

As a direct result of this last item, many weekends are spent going to cubing competitions (something I didn’t know existed a year ago!). I also regularly scramble cubes, approve cubing videos for my son’s YouTube channel, and telling him to put his cube away and do his homework/jobs around the house/anything else I want him to do.

I have also found myself caught up in the cubing World! I am about to publish my first book that features a speedcuber and am writing a second.

I can’t solve cubes myself… but I can write about cubing and support my sons. I figure I’m not the only Mum out there who is living this life, so I thought I’d share some of the things we are doing, tips to survive cubing comps, and anything else that comes with being a Cubing Mama.


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